February 16, 2019


Commentary for February 16, 2019:

Finally, we're going to get to hear, straight from the horse's mouth, what Kathy has been running from for all these years! Are you excited? I'm excited!

It's also, like, five in the morning as I write this, because I pulled a 17 hour session to get this page done! (Don't worry, I completed this page -- including this very commentary -- three weeks ago, so I'm not running up on any deadlines here. I just had a busy weekend ahead of me and didn't want to be frustrated about leaving a page half done.)

I don't have much else to say about this page. Maybe because it's five in the morning, or maybe because there isn't that much to say. It's already been established by this point that CJ and Kathy are friends -- indeed, CJ is probably the one person on Earth (or anywhere for that matter) who particularly likes Kathy. It's not that other people dislike her, but they know she's trouble, so they keep her at arm's length. But she has done good for Earth in the past, which is why everyone is here to try and help her if they can.

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