February 13, 2019


Commentary for February 13, 2019:

Everybody deserves to enjoy a bit of body positivity, even artificial intelligences with robotic bodies, like Nicole. It was an early decision for me that Nicole would have a robotic body by the time of Eon’s World Vol. 2. True, her holographic body was pretty cool in the Archie Sonic comics, but it seemed kind of limited in a lot of ways. Pre-reboot, she seemed to be confined to New Mobotropolis or Freedom HQ, and post-reboot, she was reliant on her handheld device to get out and about -- a bit like the Doctor’s mobile emitter in Star Trek: Voyager. I thought to myself, why not just put the handheld in a robotic body and give her complete autonomy? Of course, as stated right on this page, Nicole did have a holographic body last time Silky saw her, which is the state she will eventually reach in Eon's World Vol. 1.

I sometimes feel as if I draw characters a bit too stiff. There’s often not a lot of expression in the way they’re standing. Sure, people don’t stand around IRL like they’re stage actors, but there’s a reason stage actors ham it up the way they do. So, for this page, I tried to give some of the characters more expressive poses -- notably Nicole in panel 1 and Kathy in panel 3.

Finally, word balloons are the bane of my artistic life. Positioning them so as to not obscure characters unnecessarily can be a challenge, yes, but sometimes there are backgrounds you work your butt off on, too, and they end up being obscured. The background in panel 2, for instance. When I was done with it, I was all, “Mwah! Chef kiss!” And then I saw how it looked with the word balloons over it. Sigh.

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