January 16, 2019


Commentary for January 16, 2019:

I didn’t forget to put the chapter title in on the first page! What are you talking about?

Okay, I kinda did, at least when writing the script, but by the time I started the artwork, I realised my oversight and quickly found a place to put it that worked, which was right here -- literally as an angel falls from the sky. (Well, I say “angel”, but she’s actually an Alatáran, as Silky recognises in panel 4... which, okay, I guess is technically an angel insofar as they’re the beings that angels are based on in mythology in Eon’s World... a bit like the Vorlons in Babylon 5, really. I didn’t take the idea from there, though, as I came up with Alatárans in 2003, five years before I first watched Babylon 5. It’s a good series, though -- you should watch it -- and it did inspire some of the stuff I did in Eon's World after watching it.) It's also noteworthy that the only two characters to do the superhero landing in Eon's World Vol. 2 so far are both echidnas.

This page also took longer than I’d hoped to finish. So far, I’m on track for doing two pages a week, but it’s been a slog. Characters like the as yet unnamed Alatáran echidna take quite a bit of time to draw -- lots of fine detail compared to others. And these backgrounds are quite complex, too. I’m hoping later scenes won’t be so intensive or that I’ll find faster ways to get the job done, but we’ll see.

A note on CJ’s costume change since Chapter 8. Towards the end of Eon's Comic, CJ was usually depicted wearing the armour of the Britannic Royal Guard (which you’ll see in a couple of pages), and I depicted him dressed in it during his brief cameo in Chapter 8. However, his creator, Chris (who has very kindly hosted this website for almost fourteen years at this point) requested I dress him in something more casual. I figure the commander of the Queen’s personal guard would be given a bit of leeway where uniform codes are concerned, so I put him in the outfit you see here. After all, it’s not like he can be mistaken for anyone else, is it? If you want to speak to Commander Kitmyth, look for the two-tailed fox with angel wings.

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