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Long time readers may be a little puzzled by the sudden change from Quinsiccus to Britannia. This is a major retcon, I know, but between February 2011 and April 2013, I altered a lot of the background details in the comic, including some of the names of countries. Quinsiccus was always, basically, Great Britain, if a bit idealised. Since I've redrawn the map of Eon's World, I decided to make it official, right down to the flag. Now, I should say that Britannia is not exactly the same country as the real world United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (for one, it includes the whole of Ireland), but that's partly due to a slightly different history plus five hundred years.

Artistically, I'm really pleased with how this page turned out. I had to learn a few tricks to get the page done faster, because the castle and the hall have, as you see, horribly high levels of detail. But the result, I think, is pretty good. I'm very pleased with how both Eon and Silky turned out, and I think I've managed to get back to my art's Sonic roots a bit. It's a work in progress but I'm getting there.

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