August 26, 2017


Commentary for August 2, 2020:

Iíve discussed characters like Eon and Delta in terms of their approximate D&D alignments before. I think of them as both being essentially Neutral Good, but with Eon leaning towards Lawful Good and Delta leaning towards Chaotic Good. If Delta were the one on the ledge here, I think sheíd have probably kicked Wargaz straight off, rather than try to save him. And do you know what? I think sheíd have been right to it. In the end, itís what Eon had to do anyway, because Wargaz tried to kill him the minute he let his guard down, and he should have expected that.

Now itís not that Eon thought Wargaz had any good in him or could be redeemed, so much as Eon simply will not kill a helpless enemy -- no matter what they have done or how evil they are. If he thinks combat is over, Eon will always try to save them and take them alive. Iím not sure what his endgame was, really, and perhaps he didnít know either, but saving Wargaz would mean restraining him and taking him prisoner. Perhaps theyíd tie him up and leave him here while they deal with Kari-Ya and then come back for him later? They could hardly take him with them, because if he got loose in the throne room, thatís another ally on Kari-Yaís team for them to deal with. But Eon wasnít thinking about what happens next; he was thinking about what the right thing to do in the moment was.

And like I said, I donít believe trying to save this reprehensible murderer even was the right thing to do. The world is simply better off without some people in it, something that Eonís sense of honour can sometimes blind him to.

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