August 26, 2017


Commentary for July 30, 2020:

This is really the chapter where I was giving everyone lip, isnít it? Seriously, even Eonís got a bit of lip going on here. Now, I know why this was, at least on the female characters anyway. Early in 2016, Iíd been watching the old Justice League cartoon, and I really dug the character designs, but the women in particular had lipstick done in a way I liked and was trying to emulate. Didnít work, really, but nothing ventured, eh?

Anyway, what was that I was saying about blood and gore in this chapter? Hoo boy, you ainít seen nothing yet. But while Iím at it, I will just make a note on lore with regard to orcs in Eonís World. Originally, back in the days of Eonís Comic, they were very much based on Tolkien orcs, right down to having Uruk-hai as a larger, stronger subspecies of specially bred soldier orcs and even having black blood. But I decided to revise that for Eonís World Vol. 2 (and for Vol. 1 when they do eventually show up, which will be sooner than you think). At this point, I was treating orcs more like Warcraft or Elder Scrolls orcs than I was Tolkien orcs, and that was something Iíd actually started on in Eonís Comic. The idea of an ďevil raceĒ that just exists to serve the villain and allow the heroes to slaughter enemies by the thousand with reckless abandon is very unsettling to me, and I wanted orcs to be a more complex people than just disposable minions. I guess making their blood red instead of black was the last step in that process, to fully divorce them from their Tolkien roots.

Then again, are orcs even meant to have black blood in Tolkienís fantasy world? The more I think about it, the less sure of it I am. The only clue in any of the texts themselves (that I can recall, but I may be wrong) comes in ĎThe Hobbití where the rocks around the Lonely Mountain are described as being ďstained black with goblin bloodĒ during the final battle (note: while the films differentiate between orcs and goblins, they were never intended by the original text to be distinct races). The films ran with that and I also assumed it meant goblins/orcs have black blood, but now Iím not so sure. Blood dries very dark, after all, usually a reddish brown and that can sometimes look black at a glance. So, my interpretation of the text these days is not that goblins/orcs have black blood, but that it simply looked black as it dried on the rocks, because thatís how blood do.

Still, digressions into literary analysis aside, how Iíve reimagined orcs for Eonís World is now quite different to how they were originally conceived for Eonís Comic.

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