August 26, 2017


Commentary for January 18, 2020:

Darth Wargaz finds Professor Horatioís lack of faith disturbing.

Up to this point, I hadnít really given myself any opportunities in this story to really showcase the enmity between these two characters. But Wargaz first appeared in the latter days of Eonís Comic and he was frequently at odds with Horatio then. (When Eonís World Vol. 1 gets to the point of recreating those stories, youíll see what I mean.) So, I really wanted to take a moment to show it here.

Horatio and Wargaz are diametrically opposed to one another, at least in their religious views.

Wargaz is a fanatic, a hardcore religious fundamentalist, who believes his powers come from his god. He believes everyone should -- nay must -- be made to bend their knee, bow their head, and confess their sins and beg forgiveness of the Goddess or die, slowly and painfully. He believes that everyone must be forced to live according to the strict authoritarian doctrine of the Echidna Empireís religion. No exceptions. And it angers him that Horatio is allowed to not believe in the Echitarian faith -- indeed, to show it anything less than absolute respect and deference -- because Wargaz expects and demands no less of anyone.

Horatio, on the other hand is an atheist -- the mean-spirited kind of atheist, you tend to find on the internet, who thinks heís so much smarter than anyone else because he figured out there probably is no god. He looks down on the religious as a mindless flock of sheep, who canít think for themselves and need someone else to tell them how to think and how to act. Heís the kind of person who canít help but be disrespectful towards the religious, even when their beliefs and practices are not actually hurting anyone. Heís the kind of atheist I used to be, actually. I wonder if I was trying to tell myself something when I first created him.

Anyway, Wargaz and Horatio are oil and water. They do not mix. If it werenít for Kari-Ya, Wargaz wouldíve brutally murdered Horatio many times over by now, assuming Horatio hadnít come up with a clever invention to deal with Wargaz first.

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