April 2, 2016


Commentary for December 23, 2019:

No, your vision is not blurry -- panels 2 and 5 are. One of the most irritating mistakes I can make creating this comic is accidently saving over a panel. It makes it practically impossible to go back and edit the original image in any way if I no longer have the original file, and I managed to save over two panels on this page. As with previous instances of this, however, I did still have the file for page 6.14 with the word balloons and text on separate layers to the panels, so it was easy enough to copy those from there and resize them for this remastered page, but it meant a loss of quality, as I have made them bigger, rather smaller as is usually the case.

I have to say, I do not care for shark face Kari-Ya on this page. I wish I hadnít drawn her teeth the way I did, because they donít look like right to me. Yes, I know the Street Sharks are jawsome, but Kari-Ya is an echidna, not a shark... not that Sonic style echidnas look anything like real echidnas, but I digress...

What I will say is that I am quite pleased with the redesign of Darth Wargaz on this page, which is a little different to how he appeared earlier. It was somewhat impromptu, and I feel itís a bit of a faux pas to change art styles or character designs in the middle of a chapter like this, but I ran with it anyway, because I really wanted to go with this updated design. Itís actually inspired somewhat by the character Steeljaw, from Transformers: Robots in Disguise, which Iíd been watching at the time. That cartoon was actually really disappointing and Iíve not watched it beyond its first season, but I did enjoy some of the character designs, like the aforementioned Steeljaw, whose robot mode was kind of an anthropomorphic wolf, rather than the typical humanoid shape Transformers take in robot mode. I liked the shaped of his face and I wanted Wargaz to look more distinct, since one of my problems is that itís sometimes hard to tell species apart. Wargaz looked a bit too much like how I draw foxes, after all. I also applied the design change to Serena Darkstorm as well from Chapter 7 onwards and I am very pleased with it. (That said, I may be tweaking it a bit in the future to be more reflective of how wolves are depicted currently in official Sonic media, like Sonic Forces or the IDW comics. Weíll see.)

Other thoughts on this page? Well, I think my biggest influence for my art style at this time was probably Steven Butlerís work on the Archie Sonic comic, particularly in the way he drew echidnas. I think itís most apparent in Tyra-Za in Panel 1.

As with the previous chapters, I have now made an updated version of this page, which is larger, with clearer text, to make it consistent with Chapter 7 onwards. Hopefully, this will make the earlier chapters easier to read.

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