September 24, 2014


Commentary for September 24, 2014:

Doing the previous chapter, I realised that the control consoles aboard my ships sucked. This comes as no surprise, really, because the bridges were done at the end of working on each model. By that point, I really just wanted to finish, so anything I did was kind of rushed, and it really shows with some of the early bridges I did. So, coming into this chapter, I knew I'd have to do something better. The first step towards that was here, with the consoles in the Imperial war room, although you'll see them better in subsequent pages. I'm quite pleased with how this page turned out and I do feel as if I'm getting back to more of a Sonic style here, which I'm pleased with.

Also, there may be a clue about forthcoming events somewhere in this page, but I'm not going to say where!

Addendum for December 12, 2019:

In order to bring the format of the earlier chapters into line with Chapter 7 onwards, Iíve made an updated version of this page, which is larger, with clearer text. Hopefully, this will make the earlier chapters easier to read.

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