October 5, 2013


Commentary for October 5, 2013:

Long time readers will remember the Conservative politician, Marvolo Howard, who was elected Chancellor during the Union-Imperial War and became so drunk on power and obsessed with victory at any cost that he was blind to threats from within his own government, which almost destroyed the United Nations of Earth when a fascist branch of the military attempted a coup d'état, and was only narrowly beaten after six days of intense fighting that even put the Union-Imperial War on hold for a couple of months (way back in 2007, during the heyday of Eon's World Vol. 1).

Indeed, Harry Neverman is not like Marvolo Howard in many ways. Fiscally, they're pretty much identical (i.e. extremely right-wing); but, while Howard believed in a strong central government (strong enough to topple heads of state who do not cooperate with the federal government), Neverman is more of a federalist and a firm believer in "states rights" and a much more limited central government. Essentially, it's based on one of the differences between British and American conservatism, where British conservatives have generally opposed more regional and local governance on the grounds of cost, whereas American conservatives have opposed a stronger central government on the grounds of it encroaching on the rights of the states.

But that's not the extent of their differences. Howard, for instance, was not a particularly religious man, and didn't feel a need to pander to traditional religious values, which is something Neverman is doing, in a rather backhanded way, by promising to overturn existing court decisions protecting the rights of minorities that would otherwise be legally oppressed thanks to backwards religious values in certain states (how else? By stacking the bench with justices who'll rule his way, of course, like any president). Of course, it's backhanded, because Neverman's not calling for a ban on interspecies marriage; he's just promising to remove the barriers to the states that would like to, returning the states of the Terran Union to a time where the federal government had a lot less power to protect citizens from their state governments. Whether he sees that as truly being a freer world or if he just wants states to be free to oppress those that a majority doesn't like, however, is something we may never know...

Unless you're me, of course.

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