September 28, 2013


Commentary for September 28, 2013:

Long time readers will remember the forays into politics I made in the past, with entire stories dedicated to something political. And it was my plan, way back at the start of 2011, to follow the presidential campaign very closely, with whole story arcs showing the debates between the candidates. Unfortunately, while I find that sort of thing very interesting (one of my favourite TV series of all time is, indeed, The West Wing, which did an entire episode in the format of a live presidential debate), I'm not sure that's necessarily to everyone else's tastes. Plus, in the current format, with weekly updates, that would be really, really slow. Now I might still do the debates in some format (possibly a plain text format), simply because I want to do them, but they're unlikely to feature as a major story arc in this comic. Although, who wins this election will be important in the future.

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