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Panel 3 is another one where the sizes involved didn't yield as smooth a result as I'd hoped, like the end result on page 2.2. Fortunately, I don't think it's quite so jarring -- in fact, it might actually work after a fashion. Also, I added texture to the asteroid and its fragments on this page. I think looks better for it.

Also, a note on scientific accuracy. This scene takes place in the asteroid belt. Conventional (i.e. sci-fi) wisdom would suggest that there be asteroids everywhere for the ships to dodge dramatically, rather like you will probably have seen here. Well, that's not watch it's really like. Yes, there is a denser concentration of asteroids in the asteroid belt, but they're still very far apart -- hence why we've been able to send several probes through the asteroid belt to the outer planets without even the slightest risk of crashing. So, the fact that only one asteroid has come within visual range during this altercation is not unusual. If asteroids really were as close to one another as portrayed in The Empire Strikes Back, they'd obliterate one another through constant collisions in relatively short order.

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