January 4, 2020



Commentary for January 4, 2020:

Somebody I once knew told me that he liked Captain Jonathan Archer a lot because he was the kind of captain who’d get up to his elbows in engine grease helping his crew fix up the Enterprise NX-01. I wanted to run with that idea with Captain Jennifer Brushtail here, which is why she is pretty filthy in those last two panels. She’s been mucking in to help repair her ship.

Anyway, that’s the Discovery found, so this is basically mission accomplished now, right?

Not quite. This is, after all, only Part 2 of 3 in The Discovery Saga. There is still something important that needs to be done, besides getting the Discovery safely home, and the final two pages of this chapter next week will set us up for the conclusion in Chapter 12: ‘The Wheel of Fire’ (which will hopefully at least start going up before the end of 2020). There will, however, be a different story taking place (mostly) back on Earth in Chapter 11, but I’ll say more about that at the end of this chapter next Saturday.

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