December 21, 2019



Commentary for December 21, 2019:

Another page that took way too long to get done. Although, at this point, I could go at a pace of only one page a week and Id still have the chapter done in plenty of time. But still, I like to get two a week done when I can.

In a saga that seems to have been going on now for the last five years, I am trying to make my art style more and more reflective of Sonic the Hedgehog. After all, this is, at heart, a Sonic fan comic (and guess whos back next chapter, dear readers!), so I do want to at least emulate that style. Of course, there are so many excellent artists whove drawn for Sonic comics over the years, so I have a lot of inspiration to draw from. Im thinking, of course, of people like Steven Butler, Nigel Dobyn (R.I.P.), Tracey Yardley!, James Fry, Evan Stanley, Tyson Hesse, Jack Lawrence, Richard Elson, and so many others (and my apologies to any of the greats Ive neglected to mention here). I like to think my own style has been inspired by all of them in some ways. I only hope to be half as good as any one of those folks. I think my art is always steadily improving, though. I just wish I could be faster at it.

Gotta draw fast.

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