November 27, 2019


Commentary for November 27, 2019:

I approached the jump point depicted on this page with some amount of trepidation. Itís a similar effect to the one I used at the start of Chapter 9, when Kathyís ship went into hyperspace (although, her ship had its own hyperdrive and didnít need a jump gate like this). Still, I think it looks all right. Iíll probably say a bit more about differences between different types of FTL travel in Eonís World on the next commentary, but for now Iíll just say that hyperspace is similar here to how it is in Star Wars, but there are also jump gates for ships without their own hyperdives, like in Babylon 5.

Anyway, the jump gate here is mainly based on the Orbital Gate from Star Fox Assault. I had wanted to create a space station very similar to the one featured in that game, but I couldnít find any clear enough images of it to do it justice. So, instead, I created a different style of station, where I asked myself, "What would it look like if you crossed Deep Space 9 with a Trade Federation battleship?" Since itís quite far in the background, the finer details arenít visible here, but donít worry. Youíll be seeing Gateway Station again and I daresay itís a common enough design that youíll see it repeated in other parts of Cornerian space, too. It was a similar story with the jump gate itself; I couldnít figure out how to make one that looked like the one in the game so I said to hell with it and made my own. The pieces moving out in an expanding ring is very much based on the warp gate from Star Fox Assault, while the swirling vortex is a nod to Babylon 5.

Finally, the large star visible in the top left of panel 5 is meant to be Lylat A, the central star of the Lylat system. I know itís not explicitly stated in any Star Fox lore, but canon seems fairly vague in that series, much like in Sonic, which is why Lylat is a triple star system in Eonís World, with Lylat A being a large O-type blue star, orbited by Lylat B, a smaller G-type yellow star and Lylat C, an M-type red dwarf. Both of these two stars also have their own planetary systems orbiting them. Indeed, on the previous page, you may have spotted a seemingly large star in panel 1, which is meant to be Lylat C. While Lylat Aís official name is simply Lylat, Lylat B and C have official names of their own, but I havenít figured them out quite yet.

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