November 23, 2019


Commentary for November 23, 2019:

Wow, this page was a lengthy process. I mean, I got it done in three days, which is what I aim to keep each page under, but those were some looong days. Unfortunately, itís a hazard of this kind of page, with an exterior shot of a ship like this, plus some wide shots of the bridge with multiple characters. Thereís a reason I started doing stylised, low detail, simple colour backgrounds for a lot of close-ups from Chapter 9 onwards (like in panel 3).

Anyway, welcome back aboard the Invincible, where we rejoin Delta Starfire along with Captain Fennec and his crew. I must say, Iím still very satisfied with the Terran United Forces uniforms, which debuted in Chapter 8. But here, I decided to add a little extra detail, which you can see in panel 2 on Lieutenant Neviusís badge. Sonic fans may recognise it as the symbol of the Resistance in Sonic Forces, and if youíve been reading Eonís World Vol. 1, you may recall that Iíve been using it as the symbol of the Freedom Fighters. There is a connection in the fiction I'm creating here, but youíll need to wait a little while to see what that is.

Also, I was very glad to not have to draw Eon in a suit anymore. I honestly donít think I want to ever again. Traditional style business suits are just not fun to draw, at least, not for me. Plus Eon hates wearing suits.

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