May 8, 2013


Commentary for May 8, 2013:

And that is the end of Chapter 1.

The only thing I'm really not sure about on this page is Thoronir's face. As an avid Skyrim player, I decided to loosely base the eldar of Eon's World, physiologically, on the elves as they're portrayed in that game, with long, somewhat narrow faces (although I draw the line at those creepy golden eyes). I don't think Thoronir looks awful, but I do think I need more practice drawing elves. Oh, I'll be getting plenty of that, I assure you.

Interestingly, 'Thoronir' is one of the first references to The Elder Scrolls series that I included in the comic, as he is named after a wood elf shopkeeper from the Imperial City in Oblivion.

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