August 22, 2022



Commentary for August 22, 2022:

In the original 2004 version of this story, Angel Island was already laden with snow before it crashed. I changed that for the 2018 version and repeated that decision for this version, because I figured Angel Island must have its own microclimate. Itís up in the air, pretty high above the ground, we can assume, given that itís often depicted as floating amongst or even above the clouds. One would assume that would make it pretty cold up there all the time. Look at the highest mountains, which are covered by ice caps year round, because the higher up you go, the colder the air becomes. If Angel Island isnít covered in ice and snow year round (and, with the exception of one region, it isnít), then there must be some natural, artificial, or mystical process that keeps its climate more temperate, and thatís why I decided it wouldnít be covered in snow just because itís winter in the northern hemisphere. (Moreover, itís orbit around the planet crosses the equator anyway, so it would eventually cross into a region where itís summer). Of course, now the islandís at sea level and snow is falling where itís landed, itís starting to accumulate there, as you can see.

Travel scenes like this are good places for character driven dialogue, which is why I decided to spend a little time on Sonic and Tails here rather than just doing a single shot of them flying out to Angel Island on the Tornado 2. Iím not going to go into details about whatís on Tailsís mind here, but Iím not going to play coy about it either. If you know, you know; if you donít, youíll find out eventually. But really, if youíve got this far into Eonís World and you donít know yet, I donít know what to tell you.

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