August 5, 2022



Commentary for August 4, 2022:

This page is probably the most faithful to the original 2018 version of the entire chapter. The only substantial difference is Kari-Ya and Iago bickering in the ORV, which the original didnít have the space for. It looks a lot better, of course. In 2018, I was trying to emulate the style in the original comic circa 2003 as best I could, whereas with this entire remake, Iíve been doing my best to make it look as good as I can.

One thing I will note here is that I really wanted to make Kari-Ya and Iago seem genuinely terrified of Sonic. And who wouldnít be? Yes, we all know Sonic as a loveable goof, who cares about his friends, and even shows kindness to his enemies. But they donít know that. All they know is that he is an enemy with terrifying powers; they are scared for their lives right now, because theyíre up against one of the most powerful beings in the world without any backup, and everything they know is telling them he can and will destroy them.

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