May 20, 2022



Commentary for May 20, 2022:

Villains are a lot of fun to write, and I know I’m kind of showing my hand here by saying so, but I had a lot of fun writing Breezie in this chapter. She is the kind of self-assured villain, who is quietly confident that she holds all the cards and that there is no credible threat to her or her agenda. She knows she’s going to get what she wants, she’s going to win, and the thought of any other outcome doesn’t even enter her mind. She can’t lose. Ever. And that gives her a demeanour that is just fun to write, for me at least. I like to write villains that will hopefully get a strong reaction from the readers.

Now, in Breezie’s case, her self-assuredness is because she’s a multi-billionaire. She has more money than anyone can ethically earn in multiple lifetimes, so if she runs into a problem, she can just pay to make it go away and make back her money within an hour. And because money is power under a capitalist society, Breezie is one of the most powerful people in the world. You can’t deal with her by punching her, and she knows that. The Wolf Pack was never going to beat her on their own or with the help of the Freedom Fighters, because you can’t beat someone who has the system on her side without changing the system itself.

A little morose, maybe, but sadly very true in this fictional world as well as the one we live in. The rich and powerful get what they want because they have built society to work that way. The rest us simply exist to serve their greed.

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