March 13, 2019


Commentary for March 13, 2019:

Travelling anywhere by plane really puts one thing in perspective. No matter how dark, wet, and dreary a day it is on the ground, it’s always sunny and beautiful above the clouds. Also, that should give you some idea of just how high Izumiya has taken this fight. Needless to say, if she wants to be scooped up by a spaceship, she’s going to have to fly pretty dang high.

Can Alatárans fly into space? No. They’re not Kryptonians. Their wings can’t work without an atmosphere similar to Earth’s and eventually the air would simply become too thin for them to get any more lift. Now, they could cast a flight or levitation spell on themselves to get some extra height, but that couldn’t carry them all the way into space. Plus, they still need to breathe. I daresay an Alatáran could go without air longer than any Terran, but they would still eventually asphyxiate, if they didn’t freeze to death or die from solar radiation or cosmic rays first. Like I said, they’re not Kryptonians.

That said, they can sure take a beating. While CJ’s fireball would have probably immolated any Terran adversary, Izumiya is not out of this fight yet.

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