February 02, 2019


Commentary for February 02, 2019:

This conversation was one of the earliest planned parts of this story. It's been in my head for years, as a matter of fact. But the final version of it that you're seeing is very different to how I'd originally imagined it. For one, it's much shorter than I'd planned. Originally, there was going to be a lot more info about Izumiya, setting her up for a future appearance. I shan't say whether that is likely or not, as I don't want to spoil anything that's coming up in this chapter (or future ones, for that matter). But since this chapter isnít about Izumiya -- itís about Kathy and her relationships on Earth -- I felt most of that information wouldnít really add anything right now.

I also had previously imagined the conversation taking place aboard Earth Station 1 in orbit, where Izumiya had respectfully agreed to go through Terran customs and get permission to arrest Kathy. But it occurred to me that AlatŠrans arenít really the kind of people who respect the sovereignty and territory of civilizations they deem lesser than their own (much like powerful nations in the real world, honestly); since nobody can easily stop them, why bother asking for permission?

Finally, I had planned for it to be Eon questioning Izumiya and not the Jedi Grandmaster herself, but I had also planned for this chapter to come after the events Eon is otherwise engaged with. Itís only because I decided to break the Discovery Saga up into three chapters interspersed with other stories that Eon is not here. But Iím not disappointed by this. I feel as if Eonís World needs a chapter without Eon every once in a while, so itís good heís off in space during these events. It means other characters get to be in the spotlight for the first time... well, since Eon's Comic, to be honest.

One thing that hasnít changed from my plans, though, is Kathyís backstory. It is finally being told in full. Those of you who read Eon's Comic back in the day may remember the sanitised version Kathy told, about escaping AlatŠra III because it was boring there, but she never said anything about a brief stint posing as a god, did she...? But weíve known for the better part of a decade now that she was being hunted by one of her people for some unspecified crime. Itís quite satisfying to be able to finally address that loose end.

For readers who never read Eon's Comic, please bear with me. I have every intention of retelling all these stories in the remake, Eon's World Vol. 1, which is coming soon, but it will be a years long project. Still, look out for that when Chapter 9 is complete (after April 10, by my estimation).

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