Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

Yeah, I dropped a massive Game of Thrones reference into this one with Tzaria talking about “the wars to come”. [Canonically, it’s not the first time, either.] What? This whole comic draws its inspiration from all the things I like. At least I own it. (Unlike certain litigious former writers for Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog, who shall remain nameless but who derived so many of their ideas from SupermanStar Wars, and Star Trek.)

Talking of Game of Thrones, why did Tzaria call Delta “Davos Starfire”...? Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not going to spell it out for you here. Let’s just say there’s a very good reason why Delta’s been reduced to tears over it, and it’s something I have personal experience with -- tears and all.

In the script for Chapter 8, Eon and Delta were originally supposed to have their exchange in the last three panels outside the “transport”. (I originally conceived of some kind of ground vehicle, but I was operating on the assumption that the Jedi Temple was in Corneria City, rather than some remote location far away from there, which is where I ultimately decided to put it. So, instead, they took a diplomatic shuttle.) But, having decided it was going to be raining, it seemed silly for Eon to wait for Delta outside the shuttle. So, I moved the scene inside the shuttle. That worked out nicely for me, too, because it meant I got to actually show off the swanky interior of the VIP shuttle I’d made months earlier but only ever shown the outside of. Think private jet, but spaceworthy.

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