Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

Going to warp may need work, but dropping out of warp? Mwah! Chef kiss! I think Iíve got it down both here and on the first page of this chapter, too.

Now, some of you more hardcore Star Fox fans out there might be scratching your heads and wondering why Iíve depicted Corneria with planetary rings, when itís never been depicted that way in any official Star Fox media. Thatís all true and perfectly fair. But this is the same game universe that canít seem to decide if the thing in Lylat called ďSolarĒ is a lava planet or a red dwarf star. Like Sonic games, the makeup of the Lylat system is open to revision for the sake of the story. And thereís nothing that explicitly says Corneria doesnít have rings. Call it artistic license, if you like, but Iíve depicted Corneria with rings since Eonís Comic, and Iím going to keep on doing so, because I think it looks cool.

Talking of stuff from Eon's Comic, hereís another character from back then making his Eon's World debut. Ambassador Romo first appeared late in Eon's Comicís run (in 2009). Iíve updated his appearance quite a bit. He was a fairly generic furry character originally whose one unique trait was constantly wearing heavily tinted glasses. Honestly, it made him look as if he were blind, which he wasnít actually supposed to be (although, that would have been a cool bit of inclusion). For his updated appearance, the species I settled on for him was jackal, and I gave him more pointed ears to reflect that. Heís kept the tinted glasses, but theyíre not completely opaque now.

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