August 26, 2017


Commentary for January 18, 2020:

Poor Knuckles just canít seem to catch a break, can he? Itís been a longstanding thing in my fiction to really put that guy through the ringer. I did it to him in Eonís Comic, and those stories will be retold in Eonís World Vol. 1 in due time. And once again, here in Eonís World Vol. 2, Knuckles must suffer.

Youíd think I dislike the guy or something, but I actually love Knuckles. There is a reason he was the first official Sonic character to appear in Eonís World Vol. 2 Heís always been a favourite of mine ever since I first met him in issue 89 of Sonic the Comic way back in 1996. Since then, Iíve experienced every different version of him that there is in official Sonic media and theyíve all had their charms. But Iíve always preferred the more serious takes on the character. Thatís the kind of story Iíve always tried to tell with not only Knuckles, but all of the characters in Eonís World. Given his unique position as the last Guardian of the Master Emerald, stories about him naturally tend towards hardship and suffering.

Still, it does make me want to perhaps tell a story about some day where absolutely nothing bad happens to Knuckles...

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