August 26, 2017


Commentary for January 18, 2020:

Itís funny to think back on it now, but I must have started writing this script in December, 2015. I remember quite vividly writing this conversation not long after having first seeing The Force Awakens, which I adored (I saw it at the cinema seven times), and being inspired by the way Kylo Ren used a mind probe on both Poe Dameron and on Rey (the latter unsuccessfully). Emphasis on the fact that it was Ren, the villain, who did it. The only other occasion where a mind probe has been used in Star Wars that I can recall is when Darth Vader (again, the villain) used it on Princess Leia in A New Hope, albeit offscreen. (I am sure there are plenty of occasions from the expanded universe, mind you; I was just talking about the movies.) You see, itís just not the kind of thing a good person does. A mind probe is not a kind or gentle thing to do. It is invasive, intrusive, and a violation -- everything Eon objected to about it a few pages ago. Even Delta is against it, despite being more willing to get her hands dirty than Eon, as long as there is any alternative.

But I digress. I just thought it was interesting to reminisce on what had been on my mind at the time I wrote this script. I hadnít yet finished Chapter 6, but going away for Christmas meant I was unable to do much more than write, so obviously I gave myself a head start on the script to Chapter 7, having little else to do.

The events Deltaís talking about in panel 4 are, of course, originally from Eonís Comic, during one of the final story arcs of the series. They will, of course, be covered again in Eonís World Vol. 1, when it gets there. But we are talking end-of-series material here, so thatís going to be a while yet. Everything you need to know for the sake of this story, however, is told here.

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