July 31, 2021



Commentary for July 31, 2021:

During this chapter, Iíve experimented with a new method for doing backgrounds and it is honestly quicker than my previous one, which is good. I tend to work backwards from characters and objects in the foreground back towards the background, so as to not waste too much time on details that wonít actually be visible; but honestly, sometimes, Iím just exhausted by the time I get to the backgrounds. This new method makes doing them a lot quicker and easier, without sacrificing any notable quality, so thatís good.

Anyway, I rather like Thunderbolt. Sheís almost a yandere to Doctor Eggman in her obsessive loyalty/infatuation with him in the Archie comics and thatís what Iím trying to capture with my characterisation of her. Of course, I feel Archie Sonic played that for laughs more than anything, so I hope Iíll be able to explore it in a little more depth than they ever got to to, because while I find her amusing, I do also deeply pity her and feel like she deserves to have her deeply problematic obsession with Eggman examined. (I guess IDW has kind of done that with Doctor Starline, but heís a different kind of Eggman groupie to Thunderbolt. And I also have no plans to include him in Eonís World.)

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