June 2, 2021



Commentary for June 2, 2021:

So, I guess the first thing I ought to do right now is apologise for just how long itís been since the last instalment of Eonís World, which was Vol. 1, Chapter 34, which finished last September. (And if youíve not checked out Vol. 1 yet, what are you doing? Go check it out and donít be put off by the sprites; the writing is some of my finest work ever.) Of course, itís been even longer since the last chapter of Vol. 2, which ended last January. There are myriad reasons for the delay; I guess I was feeling a bit burned out by the end of Vol. 1, season 2, which really shouldnít be that surprising; after all, Iíd been working flat out of this series since the end of 2018, without so much as a break to give myself a breather. Vol. 2, Chapter 9 began in January, 2019 and was followed immediately by Vol. 1, season 1; and after that, I launched straight into Vol. 2, Chapter 10, and again followed it immediately with a whole season of Vol. 1. In that whole time, I didnít give myself a break, so it shouldnít be all that surprising that, by the time I finished Chapter 34, I didnít have the same energy to keep going that had propelled me through about twenty months of content creation. Still, I wish it neednít have been so and I do regret keeping eager readers waiting. But the wait is now over. I donít expect season 3 of Vol. 1 to begin as soon as this chapter ends, mind you, but I do intend to get that started before the year is out. Weíll see how things go.

Anyway, where are we? Whatís going on? Who are these characters? Thatís not Earthís moon! Well, I donít want to spoil anything, but I will say that, if youíve read Vol. 1 at all, you might be able to piece some of the visual clues together. If not, just sit tight and things will become clearer as this chapter progresses.

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