December 14, 2019



Commentary for December 14, 2019:

Itís important to remember that nobody aboard the Invincible could have anticipated this. Eon and Delta may have a bad feeling about what was going on, but I doubt even they could have predicted being immediately attacked by Cornerian ships when they reached Moab. Remember, no one on board knows that President Rosko is dead or that Eon has been framed with his murder. The last anyone onboard knew, they were still on friendly terms with the Cornerians, and they certainly didnít expect a local Cornerian patrol group to welcome them to Barnardís Loop with laser fire.

Talking of Barnardís Loop, when I originally scripted this page, Captain Fennec didnít have any comments about the nebula. But as I was doing the artwork for panels 1 and 4, it occurred to me that heís never actually been inside a nebula before. The closest nebulae to Earth are hundreds of light-years away, after all, and the Invincible has never ventured that far away from Sol... at least, not until now. Itís also an important part of Fennecís history that he wanted to be a space explorer, but circumstances led to him becoming a career naval officer instead. Still, that passion doesnít die hard, which is why I made sure to add his reaction to seeing a nebula from the inside for the first time. (Also, it gave me an opportunity to name drop another member of the bridge crew, which is Lieutenant Olga, the ops officer.)

The last thing I have to say about this page is a little bit of trivia about the frigates shown in panel 4. I first conceived of the Alacrity class frigate eight years ago. I created a model for it and everything, which I had planned to use at this point in the story. But I was very new to 3D modelling back then and the model I created was not at all up to the standard I work at now. I tried to salvage something from it to make the original effort worthwhile, but it just wasnít salvageable. I donít think the time I spent back in 2011 making ship models that I will never actually use was wasted, mind you. It was all good experience and I can only make good models now because I made bad ones then. Youíve got to start somewhere. So, yeah, the Alacrity class frigate had a complete redesign and I am really pleased with how it turned out. I approached it by asking myself, ďWhat if an Arwing, but a frigate?Ē And Iím sure that will come across in the design, especially with the huge G-diffuser nacelles. That said, as agile as these ships no doubt are (theyíre called ďAlacrity classĒ for a reason), I donít think theyíre going to be doing any barrel rolls.

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