March 16, 2019


Commentary for March 16, 2019:

Operation: MAKE IT GAYER! is underway!

Of course, CJ has always been gay, itís just not been acknowledged before now. I guess Kathyís reaction to finding out is kind of a nod to that. However, as Iíve mentioned in a previous commentary, it doesnít matter if characters are canonically gay or trans; if you donít ever mention it, people will generally assume theyíre not (unless theyíre an obvious stereotype, that is). So the onus is on creators to make this sort of thing known if they want their work to be inclusive. Yes, Iíve featured CJ in my stories since the earliest days of Eon's Comic, but any reader could be forgiven for not realising he was gay, as I never took the time to say so. And that was something I wanted to finally fix in this chapter.

I imagine if this were a popular videogame and not a Sonic and Star Wars fangirlís lifelong vanity project, there'd be certain fedora wearing bros of the dude variety complaining loudly about ďforced representationĒ, and saying how CJ being gay is not relevant to the story so why bring it up? Well, first of all, Iím not writing Eonís World for people who make that sort of complaint. Second, including queer characters is no more forcing representation than it is for ninety-nine percent of all stories to focus on straight cisgender white men. If anything, thatís more forced, because most people in the world donít fall into that very narrow category. Thirdly, while CJís sexuality is not relevant to the overall story, neither is Captain Picardís love of tea (Earl Grey, hot); you could remove every occasion of Picard ordering a cup of tea and not lose anything pertinent to the plot of any episode of Star Trek. But Picardís love of tea is part of who he is; it adds to his character, if not the overall story. The same is true of CJ being gay. Finally, as Iíve mentioned in previous commentaries, representation is important. Having characters in fiction we can identify with helps people feel that they are accepted and have a place in society, and it helps to normalise a more diverse range of people and their lived experiences for everyone else. We fear what we do not know, so diversity in media helps to make the unknown familiar. This is good for everyone.

Anyway, enough soapboxing. How's CJ going to get out of this one?! Is he even...? (Well, considering I think Bury Your Gays is a cheap and nasty trope, you can probably guess.)

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