March 09, 2019


Commentary for March 09, 2019:

POW! That first panel is almost certainly a bit of a call-back to Chapter 7, when a certain Sith lord got a punch right in the face, too. Funny story, not only do the two instances of characters doing the superhero landing involve echidnas, so do the two victims of being punched square in the face. I swear itís coincidence!

A note on the weather. When Sally and her staff arrived, it was sunny. Now, however, a thunderstorm has rolled in. This is no exaggeration. The weather in Britannia (which is a fictionalised far future version of the British Isles) can change that quickly, and thunderstorms are most common there in the summer. The capital city, Avalon, which is the setting for this chapter, is located roughly where Bristol is today in the real world, so a storm suddenly rolling in off the Atlantic Ocean is entirely plausible. Also, an angel fight against the backdrop of a thunderstorm is just inherently cooler than one against a pleasant summer sky. But hey, I guess Iím insecure enough to need to justify some things, even if rule of cool is all I really need.

Finally, I never for a moment thought that karate lessons I had when I was a kid in primary school would come in handy, but they did! While working out what kind of pose Kathy should be in during the final panel, I went right back to what little karate training Iíd had all those years ago. Sure, itís not exact, but then she is hovering in the air, so her legs arenít where they would be on the ground, but her arms and fists are! Sadly, I don't think Izumiya is impressed.

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