February 06, 2019


Commentary for February 06, 2019:

I did a bit of experimenting with shadows and lighting on this page. Itís quite tricky, but I think Iím learning.

A little bit of continuity here. When Silky made her first appearance in Vol. 2, back in Chapter 4, she was wearing glasses. But she wasn't wearing them during her appearance in Chapter 8 or earlier in Chapter 9. The way I see it is that she doesnít wear her glasses all the time. She doesnít like to wear them to formal, get-dressed-up-and-look-pretty occasions, like the Royal Gala, because some people donít feel as attractive while wearing their glasses (and that is legit, if thatís how they feel), and she doesnít wear them while training, so as to avoid them getting damaged or her vision being impaired if theyíre knocked off. Needless to say, she wears contact lenses when not wearing her glasses. Also, the dress sheís wearing here is based on an early outfit she wore for a while in Eon's Comic (back when her sprites were edits of Amy Rose sprites from Sonic Advance).

Finally, Iím really pleased with that final panel, where I was able to show the difference in height between Serena and Silky. Serena is meant to be pretty tall. Sheís not human height, but as a wolf, it makes sense for her to be taller than your typical fox (although Silky is a little on the short side). With sprites, most of my Mobian/Cornerian characters ended up using the same underlying architecture, so they all came out essentially the same height in the end. Height adjustments would have been tricky to do with the tiny scale I was working on then, but now I have no such limitations, so I can really show the height differences I always imagined. For the record, Izumiya is slightly taller than Serena. Itís not that echidnas are a tall species (theyíre not), but AlatŠrans tend to be taller than their Terran counterparts, and Izumiya is tall even for them.

Talking of, newer readers may be wondering why AlatŠrans, an ostensibly alien species, just look like Mobians with angel wings. Itís not explained in this chapter and I donít want to do a big lore dump in one of these commentaries. It will be explained in Vol. 1, but itís not really relevant to this chapter.

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