January 30, 2019


Commentary for January 30, 2019:

One of the questions that's always vexed me about characters with magical powers -- wizards, Jedi, and the like (and let's face it, Jedi are just space wizards with laser swords) -- is how to detain them if necessary, especially if you are not a magic user yourself. Attack of the Clones gave a glimpse of how Jedi can be imprisoned, but it seemed a bit involved to have to keep them suspended in some kind of weird force field. So I figured, build a cell that can detect when theyíre trying to use their powers and administer a shock to them -- enough to incapacitate them if they donít stop.

You may recall a scene from an earlier chapter in which similar tech was being discussed to detain Kari-Ya. The Wes Kub incident was also mentioned there, albeit in somewhat greater detail. All you really need to know about it right now is that there was a Jedi who committed a serious crime and had to be imprisoned for it. As a result, Earth has had the means to restrain and detain Jedi (and Sith, of course) for a few years now. And luckily that seems to be working on Izumiya, too.

Iím sure glad I can actually use her name in these commentaries now.

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