January 26, 2019


Commentary for January 26, 2019:

Bamboozled again!

Yes, despite appearances, the Royal Guard's weapons are actually quite advanced. Think of the spear at least as being a bit like the Jaffa's Ma'Tok staff from Stargate, but without the ability to shoot energy bolts... I mean, okay, thatís mostly all we ever see those weapons do, but they were occasionally used as a sort of shock stick, too. Essentially, the Royal Guardís spear is a non-lethal weapon designed to stun the target. What about Dawnís sword, though? Is there anything special about that? Well, sure, itís at least got some kind of kinetic barrier built in to deflect a light-sabre, but itís a more lethal weapon than the shock spear.

I worry that Dawn said the word ďdropĒ a bit too much in panel 2, but I couldnít figure out how to re-word what she was saying in a better way. Itís something I may come back to fix at a later date.

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