January 23, 2019


Commentary for January 23, 2019:

[Unnamed] basically just dropped from orbit, because she fancies herself as a bit of a badass like that. From orbit, she was able to detect an AlatŠran life sign and assumed it was the winged fox doing magic, which is why she targeted him. But CJís the wrong gender, surely? Yeah, but thatís nothing a disguise spell couldnít account for. Yes, Kathy was there when [unnamed] arrived, but she was off to the side, in the shadow of the tower, not currently using magic. Easy enough to overlook, at least for a moment. Long enough for Kathy to retreat anyway.  

Anyway, is that a new character in the final panel? Well, yes and no.

Her name is Dawn Blackpaw, a captain in the Britannic Royal Guard and basically CJís second-in-command. Now, any long time readers may recall a Dawn Blackpaw from a story in Eon's Comic, which involved Eon and Serena helping Kathy salvage her time ship, the Potentia from Jupiter. Dawn piloted a ship out to Jupiter in the original version of that story arc, and she was also an officer in the Union Fleet. But apart from that, her role was tied up with an OC who has been retconned out of Eonís World. Now, originally, CJís second was an ascended extra whose name was just Felicia (most likely named after a character from Ozy & Millie, one of my favourite webcomics from back then). Originally, I was just going to feature Felicia, but I figured Iíd rather recycle a character Iíd invested a bit more into creating, so I replaced her with Dawn, now no longer a pilot in the Union Fleet, but a captain of the Royal Guard. She has a more interesting design than generic brown fox lady, which I think makes her more memorable. (This retcon will carry over into Eon's World Vol. 1, of course.)

Finally, itís the distant future: why the heck are the Royal Guards carrying swords and spears instead of guns? Honestly, rule of cool. Besides, these people are pretty badass with swords and spears. And they do have guns for when the situation calls for it.

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