January 19, 2019


Commentary for January 19, 2019:

This is the first time magic has been shown in Eonís World Vol. 2, but it was a common feature of Eon's Comic [and will be in Eon's World Vol. 1, too] from the earliest chapters -- unlike the Jedi, who didnít appear until late into year three. CJ was the bookís original mage, of course, but he was soon joined by the likes of Kathy and Silky, the latter of whom he trained personally. Indeed, Silky discovered her affinity for magic before Eon discovered his affinity for the Force. So this story, more so than any in Vol. 2 so far, is very much a tale in the style of classic Eonís Comic -- a return to the roots of Eon's World, if you will (which will become even more true as the chapter goes on). I guess thatís appropriate, given that itís tying up a loose end from back then.

Of course, unlike the early days of Eonís Comic, Serena Darkstorm is part of this story, and this is her first action scene in Eon's World Vol. 2. Yes, despite being the protagonist of Chapter 2 and having had a few appearances since, Serena hasnít been in a single fight yet. Now, thereís a good reason for that. Sheís Grandmaster of the Terran Jedi, so sheís not going on as many missions these days. Indeed, towards the end of Eon's Comic [and therefore Eon's World Vol. 1], when she first became Grandmaster, she was mostly seen at council meetings and in her office. In fact, the last fight she was depicted in was the Battle of Jupiter in Eon's Comic #768 through #777 (the first story arc of 2010). So, this is the first time weíve even seen her light-sabre active since then. It only took nine years! (Out of curiosity, I double checked to see if she was still using her old purple sabre at the time, because I couldnít remember; but, no, she had given that to Cookirini by then and was using a new green one instead, which is canonically the same sabre she is seen using here.) A note on Serenaís sabre; you may notice she wields it two-handed, like a claymore, the same way Eon does. It makes sense, since Serena is the Jedi who trained Eon, so their sabre styles are similar.

And talking of weapons, the as yet unnamed AlatŠran echidnaís staff can withstand a light-sabre. Itís not the first time a weapon has been depicted with this ability. In Eon's Comic #793 through #800, Katherine Elm fought Darth Wargaz using an elven sword, which could also resist a light-sabre. It makes sense in a universe with Jedi that some people will develop weapons they can use to effectively fight them. More of that later.

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