January 12, 2019


Commentary for January 12, 2019:

For anyone keeping track, now that the story has jumped forward to the "present day" as it were, this scene takes place the morning after Eon left aboard the Invincible on the Discovery rescue mission, as depicted in Chapter 8. Indeed, most of the events of this chapter take place before Eon even arrives at Corneria. The exchange Kathy is referring to can be seen here.

Is Kathy blushing in the fourth panel...? Why would she be blushing? Well, maybe youíll find out later in this chapter.

This page took a little longer than Iíd hoped, but not too long, thankfully. Some of it was frustrating, but most of it was good fun, really, and Iím pretty satisfied with the overall result. Iím especially pleased with the first panel.

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