Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

Iím really heckiní proud of that first panel. Also, I see you blushing there, Delta. I donít think anyone else in the scene does, though. Then again, if a silver fox did blush, how could you tell? It wouldnít show through her fur, surely? Eh, anime physics.

Wait? What? This is where Iím leaving Chapter 8? And this story arc wonít be picked up again until Chapter 10? What the hell, Beth?!

Okay, let me explain. When I first wrote the script to Chapter 8, it came to 72 pages. 72 pages of comic. Thatís a lot. Now, with the right preparation, I could theoretically do that in about 36 weeks. Possibly less, if I got a good rhythm going (as Iíve done with the last few actual pages of this chapter). But I knew going in that there was no way Iíd keep up that kind of pace for 72 pages. We were looking at Chapter 8 not going up until next year some time. Possibly not even then.

For me, that was simply unacceptable.

I didnít want to spend so much time on this one story arc. There are other stories I want to tell. There are other characters who are being neglected. Thereís the unresolved cliff-hanger from the end of Chapter 7, still. All of this was going to be left for potentially years. And I donít know how long Iíll be able to keep doing this series, ultimately. What if something happened that meant I couldnít continue?

So, I looked again at the script and found two reasonably good places to break the story up into three parts. Part 1 is 21 pages, part 2 is 26 pages [and was actually revised down to 22 pages in the end], and part 3 is 25 pages. Those are pretty standard for chapters of Eonís World Vol. 2. Itís only Chapter 7 that got to the bumper length of 40 pages and thatís mostly because I just wanted that story arc over and done with (Iíd been working on it for four years, after all), so I used as many pages as I needed to get it done. But 72 pages when Iím only uploading new chapters upon completion? And years of waiting to follow up on loose ends from Eon's Comic [or rather, Eon's World Vol. 1 as it will be], while I tell this story?

No, thatís not on. Hence the split. I only needed to make modest changes to the script to allow it and, because of it, Iím free now to tell another story of Eonís World -- one not focused on Eon for a change -- in Chapter 9, which I hope will begin early in the New Year. And, yes, I am going to try returning to a twice weekly schedule -- Wednesdays and Saturdays again. Watch this space. And donít worry. I donít intend to leave you waiting too long to follow up on this story. Iíd like to get in two chapters next year, minimum and Chapter 10 will be part 2 of the Discovery Saga.

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