Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

What is Delta not telling Eon about her past? Well, if youíre friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or deviantART, you may already know. If not, why not do one or all of those things? You should be able to find the answer by looking through my art in those places. Good luck!

I should point out here that at this time in Eonís Worldís timeline, in the year 3242, Eon is 26 years old. Delta is a few years older than him. She is about 30 or 31, actually. Although, sheís not from Earth, so itís hard to nail down exactly how old she is in Earth years. And since Jedi of the Galactic Order donít celebrate birthdays, she doesnít really either (she probably doesnít even known when her birthday is). If she celebrates anything like that, itíll be the day she left the Galactic Order and defected to Earth. So, that would be about June 25, 3238. Almost exactly four years ago now, in-universe.

It has, however, been longer than that since Delta saw her old master. Probably closer to fifteen or sixteen years. Like she says in panel 2, half a lifetime.

Now onto this interesting new character, Tzaria Telírun. I only conceived of her about eighteen months ago, actually, even though the genesis of this story goes back at least as far as the beginning of Eonís World Vol. 2 (and I may have been planning it even earlier than that, honestly). This whole meeting between Delta and her former master was not in my earliest plans for this story arc, but it has become quite possibly the most important scene of the chapter. Certainly, it is one of Delta Starfireís most important scenes ever in the entire comicís run.

Tzaria is a dark elf. In their own language, her species is called the avari. Like the eldar (characters like Thoronir, whom youíve seen in previous chapters), the dark elves of Eonís World are ultimately derived from Tolkienís writings; but thereís a good bit of the Dunmer from The Elder Scrolls series and the Night Elves from Warcraft in their conception and appearance. (You can probably see the Warcraft influence in Tzariaís epic eyebrows.) The avari are related to the eldar, albeit distantly, and their societies donít particularly like each other. Of course, that kind of interspecies bitterness doesnít really interest Tzaria, because sheís a Jedi and works with other species every day. But that doesnít make her a good person either, as youíll see.

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