Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

I donít think Solomon Waverider has been mentioned in Eonís World Vol. 2 yet. I donít need to explain who he is here, because itís explained in the story. But, suffice to say he was a character in Eonís Comic [and who will be in Eon's World Vol. 1], who, as you might well guess, is no longer with us.

This page is yet another example of doing a lot of work creating a location in SketchUp, only to end up using very little of it. This time, itís the Jedi temple on Corneria. For anyone whoís played Star Wars: The Old Republic, though, the temple may look familiar. It is indeed based heavily on the Jedi temple on Tython from that game (but with considerably fewer Flesh Raiders to worry about).

I didnít originally plan for it to be raining at the temple. I only decided to make it overcast while doing the pencil work for this page, and it was only while digitising it that I thought Iíd try my hand at showing rain. And what do you know? It turned out all right, ne?

[Addendum for August 4, 2020: I decided to alter Eon's line in panel 4 a little. Originally, he just said "let's do it", but given that he now has history as a Freedom Fighter because of current and forthcoming events in Eon's World Vol. 1, I decided to change it the Freedom Fighters' battle cry of "let's do it to it". I made a similar change in Chapter 7, too. You can take the man out of the Freedom Fighters, but you can't take the Freedom Fighters out of the man.]

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