Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

You ever spend two weeks working diligently on a project only for you to wind up hardly using any of it? Yeah, that was me building Corneria City.

I created this well thought out and carefully crafted coastal region, with mountains and islands, and built the city on reclaimed land in a bay, with a big artificial island with the Cornerian capital building and government offices on it. I built a whole series of massive sci-fi skyscrapers that would put Dubai to shame. I carefully and meticulously built roads and parks with duck ponds around this city...

And then I barely showed any of it on the page I needed it for. Just the embassy building a few buildings in the background.

Of course, I am very pleased with what I made for this page, and as Iíve said before, itís all assets Iíll now be able to use later. But yeah. Two weeks to basically make panel 1.

The Nyksaíjav, who are referenced here (and will come up again) have been mentioned a couple of times before in previous chapters. The first time was in Chapter 3, where RPN reported that Corneria had put sanctions on them, and the second time was in Chapter 7, where SSTV News reported that Corneria had now declared war on them. It's almost as if I've been building up to this story for over five years now, isn't it? Of course, it is now sixteen months later and Corneria has won the war against the Nyksa'jav. But that doesnít mean all of the fallout from it has been dealt with yet, as our heroes are learning.

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