Chapter 8, A Voice in the Dark - November 14, 2018


Commentary for November 14, 2018:

I gave myself a mission for Eonís World going forwards, particularly following the disastrous rightward trend of politics over the last few years: MAKE IT GAYER (i.e. more LGBTQ inclusive). While I had some success with the remaster of Eonís Comic [which continues in the remake, Eon's World, Vol. 1] and there is something major coming up in Vol. 2 as well, I feel as if Iíve not quite succeeded in my mission yet. And here, once again, we have a cisgender man and woman kissing in a display of very heterosexual affection. Of course, Silky is bisexual, but you just wouldnít ever know it, because sheís in a monogamous heterosexual relationship. So it never comes up.

Hell, thereís a few canonically gay and bi characters in Eonís World. But the stories Iíve wanted to tell havenít really veered in the right direction to show it yet. As Iíve said previously, this is a story arc Iíve had planned for years, before I gave myself this important mission. But at the end of the day, nothing happens in Eonís World without me deciding it happens. So, the onus is ultimately on me to find a way to include more openly queer characters -- to really want to tell those stories too -- rather than just pulling a JK Rowling and insisting years after the fact that Dumbledore was gay all along. Because letís face it; unless you show otherwise, most readers will always assume a character is cis, straight, and white. Iíll get back to that last one later, though.

All that said, I agree with my friend, Angela. Eon and Silky are a very cute couple.

One note on continuity, before I finish this commentary, though! Youíll notice Eon has a scar above is left eyebrow now. It's a parting gift from Kari-Ya, who dealt him a nasty backhanded blow with her cybernetic fist at their last encounter in Chapter 7 and it bled something fierce. Youíll notice that in the final pages, the wound is sutured shut and, as of 16 months later, it has left a permanent scar, which is what Silkyís referring to here in panel 5.

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