August 26, 2017


Commentary for July 31, 2020:

I remember being a lot happier with how I managed to get the cockpit and Major Jackson inside it to look on this page than I had been with page 9. I think it came down mainly to the colour I used for the canopy, which was more of an orange originally. Itís more a goldish brown here, based on the colour of windows on real world spacecraft or astronaut helmets, which are designed to reflect sunlight so as to not blind astronauts, because looking at completely unfiltered sunlight in space will fry your eyes. Donít do it.

Anyway, most of these recent pages havenít undergone much in the way of script revisions, but I felt compelled to alter some of the dialogue on this page, to add a bit more info about warp rings. If youíve read Vol. 1 at all, youíll know Horatio has made a years long study of warp rings. By this time, he is the foremost expert in the known universe, and has managed to use them to create enormous portals big enough for whole fleets to traverse. The original script covered the essence of what is said here, but as I was re-doing the word balloons for this page, a question occurred to me: If a portal is too big as long as the ring is connected to the drive, why not just disconnect so you can open a standard portal thatís no bigger than a doorway?

The answer has always been that warp rings have limited range unless theyíre connected to a machine designed to boost their range. (This is how Blaze the Cat was sent back to her homeworld in Chapter 24 of Vol. 1.) But I didnít feel it was terribly obvious from a prima facie reading of the script and might be too reliant on inside knowledge that only I have as the writer, so I expanded Horatioís little info dump in panel 4 to make some mention of the limitations of a warp ring on its own.

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