August 26, 2017


Commentary for July 30, 2020:

While I do enjoy the level detail in some of these forest backgrounds, I would definitely opt for something a lot simpler if I did a scene like this again. Hell, those first three panels probably wouldnít even have complex backgrounds, since they donít really need them. But at this time, I did every panel like it was a shot in a film, rather than a panel in a comic. Iíve learned since that sometimes a simpler approach is more effective... and it saves so much time.

Also, while working on this page, I learned that my mech model has a bit of a problem. Itís really tall compared to the characters, which makes getting them all in shot a bit of a challenge, especially in a panel like that last one, which is wider than itís tall. And again, a simpler background would have been more effective there, given that the mech doesnít ďpopĒ as much as Iíd have liked. Still, lessons learned, eh?

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