August 26, 2017


Commentary for January 18, 2020:

If President Viehman seems a little mean-spirited here, bear in mind that Colonel Fitzpatrick is a criminal. Sure, he and everyone else who followed Kochanski were mislead by the Echidna Empire, and he even had misgivings, which he voiced at the time. But he didnít stop Kochanski from going through with anything he decided to do. Not deserting at the Battle of Mars, rather than surrendering as ordered, nor teaming up with the Echidna Empire and giving them the means to attack Angel Island from orbit. Fitzpatrickís failures have led to the deaths of hundreds already, at a minimum. And everything he and Kochanski did together was done out of hate, fear, and mistrust of Earth and a desire to prevent Mars from unifying with the other planets in the system so as to maintain Martian political, economic, and military dominance of Sol. Sure, Fitz is a sympathetic character. I like him and I wrote him to be likeable. But he absolutely deserves what heís getting here.

Also, if President Viehman seems a little mean-spirited here, remember that he is a Libertarian. Mean-spiritedness is somewhat central to his politics.

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