August 26, 2017


Commentary for January 18, 2020:

If Eon is somewhere between Lawful Good and Neutral Good, Delta is somewhere between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good. She is a lot less hung up on whether she’s doing the right thing in the right way than Eon is and much more willing to do good by any means necessary -- even using a Jedi mind trick to get make a guard to let her speak to a prisoner (assuming what’s happening in panel 2 wasn’t clear enough), which Eon would be much more reluctant to do.

Maybe Eon and Delta represent the two conflicting halves of my own personality -- the idealistic side that wants the right decision to always be backed up by law and beneficent authority, but realises that it sometimes isn’t, and the side that doesn’t want to go out of its way to cross ethical lines, but will do so in a heartbeat if it serves the greater good. The side of me that says evil people should be removed from positions of power by legitimate means vs. the side that says, “Revolution! Bring out the guillotines!”

I guess I should also talk about the fact that Fitz looks way more swole in this chapter than previous ones. I had been watching a metric heck ton of the DC animated series when starting on this chapter in 2016 (Batman, Superman, Justice League, etc.) and I was really inspired by the art style, which I decided to try and emulate, which meant humanoid men suddenly ended up being overly buff, whereas humanoid women ended up having an exagerrated hourglass figure. I’ve moved away from it a bit since, but the influence is still there even as recently as Chapter 10.

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