August 26, 2017


Commentary for January 18, 2020:

Check it out! Iím finally doing commentaries for Chapter 7!

First off, a quick note. I have decided to tweak the script and re-do the word balloons for this chapter, like the previous six after all. I did consider just leaving it as it was, since it was already the right size, but I didnít like my over-use of bold, italicised text for emphasis. Sure, I know a lot of mainstream comics use that or a similar technique, but I was over-doing it big time, which is why I stopped using it from Chapter 8 onwards. Since I didnít use it in the reformatted Chapters 1 through 6, I decided to nix it from Chapter 7, too, for the sake of consistency. Very little about this script is different now, however, just some better phrasing here and there and a handful of lore references to tie it more closely to the larger narrative of Eonís World.

Anyway, one of the first things to note about this chapter is a switch to yet another art style. I am pleased to say, however, that this one has actually had some staying power and, while Iíve seen steady improvement since during and since Chapter 7, my style has not radically changed since then. It has changed, but much more incrementally than before. Of particular importance to me going in to this chapter was to do a better job of drawing humans. I think I succeeded, because even over two years later, I think Major Jackson looks fantastic on this page. Iím also very pleased with how I managed to draw General Severnaya, too, as I did struggle a bit with him in Chapter 6.

Like with Chapter 6, I also held Chapter 7 back until it was complete before uploading it to the internet. As before, I simply hadnít the time to commit to a regular release schedule. A single page usually took all my free time each week, sometimes more, and I had 40 of them to do, all while battling severe depression. Thatís why it took me 1 year, 4 months, and 24 days to get this chapter done. I am still very proud of it, though. Just getting it done at all is, I think, an accomplishment in and of itself.

But talking of the page count, 40? Really? Why is it so long?

Well, I had originally planned to finish this story arc in Chapter 6, but it ran too long, so I broke at 25 pages and resolved to finish the story arc in Chapter 7. But Chapter 7 also started to run long. I could have broke again and finished the arc in Chapter 8, but I wanted this story to be done. Finished. So I decided to take as many pages as I needed to do it, and that turned out to be 40 of them. I donít intend to ever write a chapter as long as this again.

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