April 2, 2016


Commentary for December 23, 2019:

When I was drawing Admiral Dennet, I think the idea I had in mind was an older, meaner, grumpier Captain Picard. Although, looking at his face, I think there may be a little bit of Megatron in there, too. As established in Chapter 4, Dennet is not a nice guy. Hes on the side of the heroes, yes, but hes still a bit of a jerk (and that may be putting it lightly), so I wanted to get that across in his appearance.

Anyway, I remember being quite satisfied with the shot of the Redoubtable firing its lasers in that last panel. Its not the method Id use today (in fact, nothing in that panel really is), but I think it still looks all right.

As with the previous chapters, I have now made an updated version of this page, which is larger, with clearer text, to make it consistent with Chapter 7 onwards. Hopefully, this will make the earlier chapters easier to read.

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