November 16, 2013


Commentary for November 16, 2013:

I love this page. Working on it was fun and I really like the end result. I always enjoyed a good sword-fight in Eon's Comic, too. Also, just writing the character, Darth Wargaz is so much fun. He's over-the-top and melodramatic, with a strong penchant for theatrics, Doctor Doom-esque purple prose, and making dramatic entries (like smashing through windows), but he's also kind of inept and tends to bite off more than he can chew in his desperate quest for his master's approval, as you can see above. One Sith apprentice probably isn't enough to take on an entire team of Jedi alone.

I will say, however, that if I could change anything about this page, it's the red curtains. Unfortunately, they clash horribly with the blood in panel 4, which kind of ruins the effect. But changing that at this point would require me to change the colour of the curtains on every previous page, which I'm not easily able to do (especially since one of those pages uses the SketchUp model I made and not my drawing).

Addendum for October 5, 2019:

In order to bring the format of the earlier chapters into line with Chapter 7 onwards, Iíve made an updated version of this page, which is larger, with clearer text. Hopefully, this will make the earlier chapters easier to read.

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