August 3, 2013


Commentary for August 3, 2013:

So, apologies to anyone who was hoping to see my usual commentary on Saturday. I had no time to write anything, as I had to dash off into town to help out with the Skeptics on the Fringe, and I wasn't home until stupid o'clock at night. Sunday was also too busy for me to do anything. That's actually the main reason why, once Chapter 2 is finished, there will be a four week break before Chapter 3 begins. I just won't have the time to stay on top of a twice weekly update schedule. Expect this every August as long as I'm volunteering with Edinburgh Skeptics, dear readers.

Anyways, somebody on the forum raised the question as to what reasons other than ideological differences Eon may have to not want to go to this convention. Well, frankly, none. It is purely a matter of ideological differences. Eon does not like Senator Neverman, for precisely the reasons illustrated above. Will Eon go to the convention anyway? Of course he will. But he doesn't have to like it, nor does he have to keep the fact that he doesn't like it to himself. He's venting his frustration here, and can you blame him? If certain rights of yours were under threat, after you'd lived your entire life not having to worry about them, only having to deal with bigotry from the occasional social throwbacks, I think you'd feel a bit frustrated too.

Moreover, consider the frustration felt in the real world by members of the LGBTQ community daily, having to constantly deal with people who don't think of them as equals deserving of equal rights and some even going so far as to think they deserve to die. It's easy to think "just deal with it" when you're talking from a position of white, cisgender, straight, male privilege. Not so much when you're transgender and bisexual.

Anyways, I can see areas in need of improvement in my art style here. Faces are still a bit hit or miss. I think I should try less to approximate a style similar to El Goonish Shive (much as I love the art in that comic), and perhaps go for more an anime look. After all, I'm not one of these people who thinks "ew, anime".

Addendum for October 3, 2019:

In order to bring the format of the earlier chapters into line with Chapter 7 onwards, Iíve made an updated version of this page, which is larger, with clearer text. Hopefully, this will make the earlier chapters easier to read.

I also massively overhauled the dialogue on this page. While I kept the essence of the original script, I also took the opportunity for some exposition and wordbuilding, to establish that, the occasional war aside, Earth has been doing very well over the last four years under Ballistaís leadership and that Sally Acorn wants to continue that success. I also took the opportunity for Eon to state in no uncertain terms where he stands, politically.

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